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© Ruben Vega
Ship Name: Maersk Clipper

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© Vladimir Knyaz
Ship Name: Corringham
Ship Type:Tugs

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Click to view video magnesium tanker MAERSK BARRY OYJE2 IMO 9299458 Emden seaship merchant vessel Seeschiff tugs
Magnesium tanker MAERSK BARRY OYJE2 IMO 9299458 Emden seaship merchant vessel Seeschiff tugs
Made by:amSeehafen
Added: 2 hours ago

Latest photo comments
The original Noordam? I am wondering which Noordam is actually being referred to...
It is amazing sucessful navigation can be made above this pile of boxes! mrdot.
Forward towing tug EUROPE
Don't think I'll take her on,my days of messing about on boats are long over. ...
Completely forgot about her departure problems after the last visit,the report ...
Thank you Richard, we had just picked up our anchor to proceed to Montrose and a...
This thing was berthed across from the RGIT/Petrofac (or whatever they're called...
That's an interesting shot....If it was actually taken on 28 August, then what l...
It is TARGET's sister, the BLUE, 9419888
Dan, Absolutely brilliant photo, love the angle! Cheers Richard
Beautiful ship and great shot well done
This beast looks 'cool' from any angle !! Cheers, Dan.
A very interesting pictorial. Thank you, davidships.
Engine was removed this year. Tug currently for sale at £20,000 as is.
Maybe name ship is TARGET IMO 9419448

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