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    Click to view video CEMENTESSE - Germany - Weser - Hunte - Elsfleth - HD
    CEMENTESSE - Germany - Weser - Hunte - Elsfleth - HD
    Made by:DiFoo
    Added: 4 hours ago

    Latest photo comments
    Yes Kyle, OCEAN DRAGON is a good example indeed.(20 years ago!..Wow.)And
    My first ship...with an Elder Dempster yellow funnel. Just does not look right ...
    Or is the superstructure design that new? Other than the paint job, the basic sh...
    Very useful link Stefan...Thanks.
    Ha!Ha! Capt Ted "A VW Claim"....yes, along with a few more according to today's ...
    BobS is correct...the problem is those deep "crossbars" on the goal posts....the...
    Well Clyde,, they bragging it reduces 10-20 % consumption but they don,t say how...
    Wow, I am liking my office job even more now! Great photo!
    May not be a "survivor" much longer. She has apparently been anchored in this po...
    That's why it's common to see in designs those radars been put on existing tall ...
    Tall mast to enable radars to "see over" the goalposts.
    These ships seems very capable of carrying out naval roles. The US Navy MSC are ...
    The mast above the bridge is just ridiculously huge! Why they couldn't make a sm...
    Date: December 20, 1997
    Date: January 31, 1998

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