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Coast Guard Vessels

  1. Category Limitation
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  4. Site Standards for this category

Vessels owned or operated by a specialist Coast Guard Service, government or voluntary.

Use this category for vessels that are in service at the time the photo was taken. That includes vessels that are laid up temporarily or mothballed.

In the Description field

- Include as much data as possible about vessel nationality, dimensions, history, etc.

- If known, mention the type of role filled by the vessel and/or the service to which it belongs.

- If available, include links to service/vessel web sites.

During the uploading process

- Comply with the requirements of the Upload a new photo page

- Enter in the Title Box the official name of the vessel. Use the sequence - Service designator (such as CCGS)

For IMO and other vessel data, see

For general background, see

For country information, see




1. Resolution (image size) must be between 1024 x 768 pixels and 4000 x 4000 pixels.

2. File size maximum is 4000 KB

3. Photos must be sharp and correctly exposed. Photos taken with fish eye lens that produce distorted images are not allowed.

If a Digital Photograph that has been enhanced and appears as good quality at screen size and also remains as good quality when enlarged then it has been done correctly, if on the other hand when enlarged it becomes corrupted and unnatural in appearance then it has been over enhanced and will not be allowed.

4. No silhouettes will be accepted

5. Full ships only. Foreground obstructions must not restrict the view of the ship. For all views, bows or sterns must not be cropped off. Bow and stern shots may be acceptable if they show the vessel from the waterline to the top of the superstructure.

Exceptions to this Rule
Ships alongside quays are allowed providing the ship can be clearly seen and is free of obstructions such as buildings, walkways and cranes and have no excessive foreground obstruction.

For bow and stern shots of ships alongside the whole length of the ship must be able to be seen, part views of bows and sterns are not acceptable.

For side shots the whole length of the Hull must be clearly shown above the quayside, if any part falls below the quayside it will not be accepted

6. The ship must be the main subject. Distant views and shots where the ship is a small part of the image may be considered for deletion. Members should understand the limitations of their camera.

7. When posting multiple photos of the same vessel taken on the same Date, the submission must be restricted to a maximum of 4 photographs with a significant change of Aspect/Angle between the photographs

8. The horizon must be level. If not, use free Picasa (see FAQ) or other photo manipulation software.

9. The date and location for the photo must be included in the Description, if not added from the Location and Date of photo menus on the Upload page.

10. Photographs showing people or crew in Ships Interior category or any other categories are not accepted.

11. When uploading, members must comply with copyright law. Post only photographs for which you have copyright ownership. Other peoples slides or negatives can only be used if their name and permission is stated in the description. No scans of ship photographs from publications are allowed, and this includes books, postcards and paintings.

Any photographs uploaded that are not taken or owned by the member and are considered to be copyright infringement are accepted in good faith and the member will be contacted.

If a member is contacted concerning copyright infringement and confirms that they consider them to be free of copyright and they remain on the website then the member must accept his/her responsibility for any possible legal challenge for copyright violation, the website cannot be held responsible.


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