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Ships in Drydock

  1. Category Limitation
  2. Required Information
  3. Research Sources
  4. Site Standards for this category

Only commercial or government vessels photos will be accepted.

If the vessel is clearly shown to be in a purpose built maintenance facility which may include dry docks, floating docks & syncrolifts then please post the picture in the Ships in Dry Dock category.

If the vessel is on a patent slip, marine railway or a purpose built area for dry docking then they should be posted to the Ships in Dry Dock sub category Patent Slip/Marine Railway,Purpose Built Area for Dry Docking.

Both categories are for conventional vessels seen to be dry docked for repairs or winter lay ups, but do not include vessels beached on river banks, boat trailers slip ways or not built for vessel maintenance or repair.
Photos that do not comply with the above should be submitted to its own category where the category rules apply.

Photos of vessels of all sizes may be submitted.

Photos in this category submitted before 1st February 2009 which do not meet this site standard will be moved to the correct category.

In the Description field

- If applicable and known, show the registration number

- Include as much data as known about vessel type, nationality, dimensions, history, etc.

- Feel free to add other information of general interest from your own sources and knowledge

During the uploading process

- Comply with the requirements of the Upload a new photo page

- Enter only the vessel name in the title box.

- Enter any IMO number in the IMO Number Box. Check for this before or during uploading.


To establish whether or not the vessel has an IMO, and note other details about the vessel, see:-

Shipping Company sites

Google or other Internet searches.

Other useful links include:

Exceptions to the full ship rule will apply only if they show parts of a ship not normally sees for example Propellors/Bow thrusters,bulbous bows and rudders

Photos of a ship with the view partially obstructed by dock gates and/or shore equipment will be accepted, if a significant part of the ship is visible.

They must be clear photographs of a particular subject as close as possible, distant shots are not accepted.


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