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FGS U35 S185

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Photographer: ventuari [ View profile ]
Captured: Dec 3, 2017
Location: Kiel, Germany
Added: Dec 15, 2018
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U35 at Kiel, Germany
At TKMS Kiel under repairs after the ground collision during dive operations off Norway.

As per Navaltoday web dated Oct.19, 2017...

German submarine U35 damages X-rudder off Norway.

The German Navy’s fifth Type 212A submarine ‘U35’ has damaged one of the blades on her X-shaped rudder during deepwater tests off the coast of Norway.

The U35 is now at the TyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) shipyard in Kiel where it is being assessed for damages.

According to the German Navy, the accident happened on October 15 while the U35 was conducting tests in the challenging waters off the coast of Kristiansand.

With the U35 out of the water for assessments, the German Navy now has no fully operational submarines at its disposal. Four out of six submarines in the fleet are at the Kiel shipyard for various repairs and overhauls.

The German Navy expects to have three to four operational submarines from mid-2018.

The limited availability of submarines was caused by a lack of spare parts due to budget constraints, the navy said.

The U35 was commissioned into the navy on March 23, 2015, as the first improved Type 212A submarine specifically optimized for deployments around the world. The boat has a bigger reservoir, improved air-conditioning and a new combat system.

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