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1. Copyright

When uploading, members must comply with Copyright Law.

Post only photographs or videos for which you have copyright ownership. Other people’s digital photo's, slides or negatives can only be used if their name and permission is stated in the description. If you own or hold prints, slides or negatives that have been purchased or acquired by other means but you are not certain of the copyright owner you must NOT upload to the website, all photographs not taken or owned by the member must clearly state in the description the name of the person that owns the copyright and that the member has approval to upload them to this website.

Current digital photographs can only be uploaded by the photographer.

Any photographs that are uploaded that do not meet the criteria above regarding copyright will be considered for deletion and the member will be contacted. It will then be up to the member to prove that the copyright conditions can be met and until such information is given the photo cannot be re-uploaded. “Unknown photographer” or just a name is not acceptable as a description.

If a member is contacted concerning copyright infringement and confirms that they consider them to be free of copyright or have the correct permissions to use them and they are re-uploaded on the website then the member must accept his/her responsibility for any possible legal challenge for copyright violation, the website cannot be held responsible.

Scans of ship photographs from publications are not allowed.
Uploading Copyright-free photos from other websites is not allowed.
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