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1. What
are the site standards for Lighthouses

Site standards for the category: LIGHTHOUSE

1. What is considered to be a lighthouse? The main objective of the site is to get shots of
buildings/constructions that were purposely made to indicate to ships at sea where the
shore is by sending out a signal in a frequency that would make its position/location
immediately recognisable. We are looking for the buildings that were/are predominantly
man operated.
2. Section 1 implies that we do not expect/accept photos of small unmanned beacons with a
limited reach or even the light line constructions that are used for the Rotterdam port to indicate the
separation for ships going to Rotterdam or to Europoort
3. Requirements for photographs are similar to those for ships in terms of technical quality
(lighting and sharpness). As lighthouses are mostly vertical objects the portrait lay-out of a
shot is preferred in order to get more detail and proximity of the object. Similar as for ships
we set a minimum percentage of the object size compared to the photo size, and in this case
50% looks a good starting value, but here we may have to experiment.
4. Landscape shots are accepted but only as long as the lighthouse is close enough to have a good
look at the details. If the photo resolution is large enough it can be considered to upload a
cropped version of the shot, to make the lighthouse more prominent. Please remember that shots of
a lighthouse in their natural environment can as such be very nice photographs, but the category has
been introduced to show shots of lighthouses, preferably with good detail.
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