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1. Summary
of requirements from Admins

Be familiar with all FAQs related to site standards

Try and review new submissions to your categories at least once a week. This will mean that members have prompt feed back and perhaps will limit repeated similar mistakes. If you fall behind in your work, let the Webmaster know.

Look at the FAQ for each category within your care. Imagine the enquiries of members, particularly new members. Initiate or amend in light of your experience. Contact the FAQ Editor who will assist with the use of a site consistent format – and offer suggestions – but will accept your view as to content after review by the Admin team

A separate FAQ for a category is only prepared when there is a need for Category Limitation details, or subcategory definition, or related research resources, or Site Standards specific to the category. There is a group of Site Standards that apply to all photos

Review your own album of photos on the site. Satisfy yourself that none should be considered for deletion because of non compliance with Site Standards. It is probable that at some time a member will review those when unhappy about a deletion - perhaps one decided by two other Admins
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2. Using
Photo Manager

This is an alternative to working on one photo at a time from the site as seen by members. If you do chose to do that make use of the group of links under the photo. See More From : This Photographer ; This Ship : This Ship by this Photographer

With your Admin profile you will be able to see the (red) Site Admin tab (when NOT using the Forum tab and its second row tabs).
Clicking the Site Admin tab opens the Admin Menu page on which can be seen the Photo Manager link. Click on that.

Select the sub category you wish to work on using one of the drop-down menus at the top.
Selecting the category name will reveal images not in a sub category i.e the Main

Use the other drop down menus to

Select the size of the page/batch you want to work on. The options are 10/20/50/100/200 photos open for review

Select the sequence you wish to use. The options are Newest first / Oldest first / A-Z / Z-A

Bring all photos on site for one vessel together. Do this by typing the vessel name in the box and clicking on Extract. This will reveal:-

1. Better shots on the site than one being considered for deletion,
2. The absence of other photos for a vessel.

Individual photos can be viewed and/or edited

See the range of edits (updates) you can make at the bottom of the screen.
Before making any changes select one, or several, photos by ticking the box underneath the photo(s).
Only tick several photos – or Select All at the bottom of this screen – if they are all to be changed identically.

If appropriate, make a note in the description such as the reason for transferring to the Consider for deletion category plus your Admin ID

Click the button Modify the above marked photos
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3. Routine

Be careful of dates.

If you are using Photo Manager to work on more than one photo, be mindful of the date shown in the box for Update checked photos collectively.

Unless the date in the Last update box is altered, all checked photos to which it is applied will be given the current date and thus will appear on the Home Page as newly submitted ones.

Especially for older photos, use a date say for one month earlier.

This need not apply when moving a photo to Consider for deletion category as this will make the submitter more aware of the impending deletion.

Reviewing – latest submissions.

If you have time, contact members who submit photos that do not meet site standards. Give them advice. If appropriate, suggest that they delete their photo rather than you transferring it to the Consider for deletion category.

If you send a PM or email to a member, note the date it was sent in the Description field of the photo. Some Admins keep their own record of such messages - some transfer the photo to the Holding subcategory within the Consider for deletion category.

For more details about options available to Admins, see the AGS titled Deletions Issues Member Contact at

Follow up messages sent to members after a reasonable time, first noting dates of member being online. If there is no response, transfer to the Consider for deletion category leaving intact the date/type of message sent.

There is no need to send a PM to members regarding photos recommended for deletion. The deletion Admin will send a message to inform the member of a deletion.

When transferring a photo to the Consider for deletion category, make a brief note of the problem in the Description. If appropriate, add a link to duplicate or better photos of same vessel. Add your initials to help the Webmaster. Neither these nor your name will be provided to members by the Webmaster.

Editing the Description or Category for one photo.
This can be achieved by clicking Edit Info for the photograph

When updating information that is wrong or deficient, for example IMO number. If using this function you do not have to backdate to prevent it appearing on the front page as the system takes care of it using the date already associated with the photo. If you can, PM to the member about changes you have made, if you can find the time. Only alter information needed for site consistency. Some members do not like Admins altering their description information.

If a photo has been uploaded to an incorrect category , Change the category to the correct one. A photo which is not a recent upload may not be seen by the receiving category Admin, because it will remain in date order. In such cases, send a PM with advice of the change.

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4. Improve
this AGS

There is a standing invitation to all Admins to contribute to this AGS, and to make suggestions for other subjects.

If you have developed a workable alternative to any of the processes described, please let Webmaster know.

Send any technical questions to either one of the webmasters, David Asprey or Cody Williams.

Send them to Webmaster if they relate to communication issues.

As for many aspects of computer work, there is often more than one way of getting a desired result within one programme package. Therefore this and other Admin Guidance Summaries (AGSs) may describe alternative methods.

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