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1. Site
standards and deletion of submitted photos

Dealing with possible and actual deletions is a routine task for Admins. That must be the case unless every photo uploaded is accepted (i.e. no site standards at all).

Apart from the submitting member wasting time and being disappointed, each photo deleted involves Admin effort.
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2. Current
procedure for dealing with deletions

The FAQ titled Deletion of Photos explains the process. But members are unlikely to read this unless they become involved. See

The current process requires that both an Admin and the Webmaster or his delegate agree that a photo should be deleted, unless the member does so voluntarily.

The prime concept is to assist members to maintain site standards and to demonstrate fair treatment of all members by Admin. Good communication with members will also help to prevent disappointment and frustration, and complaints about deletions on the Forum, which was in earlier days more common.

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3. Contact
with members

Many Admins offer advice to members who have submitted a photo which does not comply with site standards. At least one current Admin was helped early in his membership by such action. Subsequently, as a matter of personal pride, he did all he could to ensure that all Admins were saved the task of contacting him. That reaction would probably be commonplace with all members.

Sometimes the member will accept advice and personally delete the photo, perhaps to manipulate and resubmit.
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4. Minimum
Admin action for deletions

A Category Admin can transfer a photo to the Consider for Deletion category and should add a brief note at the foot of Photo Details box, stating the reason (not level, blurred, not eligible, excessive number etc), the category it was in (eg Cont2011, tugs etc), the nominator\'s initials and date

Admin names are never identified to members when a photo is deleted.

From the Consider for deletion category, the Webmaster or delegate will make a decision. It may be decided to delete the photo and send a message to the member advising the reason. It may be decided that the photo is acceptable and can be transferred back to the correct category with an explanation to the Category Admin. Such return to category transfers will usually be because of the exercise of flexibility in the case of old or rare or otherwise interesting photos, or where it is the only example on site.

With very few exceptions, all proposed deletions are seen by "two pairs of eyes". Where the Webmaster or delegate is uncertain, usually where it is a matter of judgment (eg questions of excessive manipulation, or lack of sharpness), the photo is considered by a "third pair of eyes".
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5. Alternative
Admin action - PM sent to member

In the absence of exchanged messages - or subsequent to them - an Admin may send a PM or email to a member stating action required to comply with site standards. It is desirable that a date for member action or reply be included in such a message.

Communication can be more effective by PM than by email. When a member logs on, the word Inbox on the Home page lights up to attract attention to an unopened PM. Some members do not regularly look at the Inbox for the email address registered on the site and it may be no longer active.


The Admin may keep a record of such messages and follow up as he wishes.


The Admin may transfer the photo to the Holding subcategory in the Considered for deletion category. When this is done, the Photo Details box should include a note that a PM has been sent and its date, toghether with the Admin\'s initials.

If a satisfactory response is received, the Admin can check the changes made and delete from the description words then not relevant. He may allow the member to do this.


A check should be made of latest login time to see if the member has had a chance to read the PM.

If a satisfactory response is not received within a reasonable time, the photo should be transferred to the Considered for deletion category. The record of contact should be retained in the description for quoting to the member.

The Webmaster or delegate will then decide future action.

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6. Template
for PM

This template is intended to minimize Admin typing while providing guidance to the member

(The words can be varied to suit circumstances)

I have transferred your photo at (LINK) to the Holding subcategory in the Consider for deletion category.

Please edit it if you wish to have it retained on the site.

First, review the following FAQ for site standards at

Note particularly the requirement for the date and location of each photo. If applicable to the vessel category, the IMO should also be included

To edit a photo, use the Edit Info if needed, enter the date the photo was taken, and the location,
if needed enter the IMO number in the IMO Box,
change the category to the one applicable to the vessel.

Save the changes. The photo will then be reconsidered.

The required editing should be completed by (Date)

Best regards
Admin (ID)
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7. Improve
this Guidance

There is a standing invitation to all Admins to contribute to this Guidance, and to make suggestions for improvements.

These can be raised either through the Admin Forum, where a discussion would be useful, or direct to the Webmasters ([email protected]) - the latter would be preferred for technical and communications issues.
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