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1. How
does the site operate? is an international web site with more than twenty volunteer Photo Administrators (Admins) from over ten countries across the world. They review all photos submitted, checking for compliance with site standards reached from the Support tab on the Home page.

There are more than five Correction Editors, working on revising and adding information to photos.

Site standards have criteria that can be met by members with a wide range of experience, camera gear and shipspotting locations. They provide an important element of consistent quality control for the site.

There are facilities for communication with fellow enthusiasts interested in shipping, photography and computers. Comments about photos can be made and responded to. Opportunities are available for communication with fellow members by email and Private Message.

For each vessel photo the site adds further information from its own sources. On the Home page there are links to Latest News

It is recommended that you review and regularly refer to this Support index. It covers methods and standards for uploading all photos, specific information for some categories, and remember service information.
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2. How
do I become a member?

On the Home Page, in the top right corner, click on SIGN UP.

Complete the form.

Note the required information, including a valid email address.

Other information provided helps personalise the site.
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3. How
to become a supporting member?

First become a member, see question above "How do I become a member?".

Then you can become a supporting member:
- by subscribing to
- and by uploading quality photos

Check out the subscription page for more details
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