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1. Category

1. This category is intended for photographs that include the subject of the tow as a significant part of the photograph as well as the tug.

2. This may include Barges, Lighters, Rigs, Dead Ships or any other type of craft that a Tug may be called upon to tow.

3. Pusher Tugs with craft and Tug/Barge combinations should also be posted to this category.

4. Photographs of Tugs involved in towage operations where the Tug fills the majority of the photograph and the tow is not fully shown should be posted to the main TUGS category.

5. Please ensure that the tug forms a significant part of the photograph and is recognizable, otherwise post in the correct category for the craft being towed.

6. This category is not for photographs of ship handling operations such as a tug/tugs assisting a ship under its own power when entering or leaving a port, the exception being if it is a dead ship.

7. If the tug or tow/ship is the main subject then they should be placed in the appropriate category and details can be given in the description box.
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2. Required

In the Description field

- Show additional information from the Resource Sources below.

- Also add other information of general interest from your own knowledge.

During the uploading process comply with the requirements of the Upload a new photo page.

- Enter only the name of the vessel in the Title Box.

- Enter any IMO number in the IMO Number Box. Check for this before or during uploading.
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3. Research

Useful links include
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4. Site
Standards for Category


1. Resolution (image size) must be between 1024 x 768 pixels and 4000 x 4000 pixels.

2. File size maximum is 4000 KB

3. Photos must be sharp and correctly exposed.

4. No silhouettes will be accepted

5. Full ships only. Foreground obstructions must not restrict the view of the ship. For side views, bows or sterns must not be cropped off. Bow and stern shots may be acceptable if they show the vessel from the waterline to the top of the superstructure.

6. The ship must be the main subject. Distant views and shots where the ship is a small part of the image may be considered for deletion. Members should understand the limitations of their camera.

7. If posting multiple photos, the angle must change by a minimum of 30 degrees between photos.When posting multiple photos of the same vessel taken at the same time the submission must be restricted to a maximum of 6 photos

8. The horizon must be level. If not, use free Picasa (see FAQ) or other photo manipulation software.

9. The date and location for the photo must be included in the Description, if not added from the Location and Date of photo menus on the Upload page.

10. When uploading, members must comply with copyright law. Post only photographs for which you have copyright ownership. Other peoples slides or negatives can only be used if their name and permission is stated in the description. No scans of ship photographs from publications are allowed, and this includes postcards.

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