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This Website should be a place where all members can socialise and have discussions with like-minded people in a welcoming environment.

In order to make that happen there are rules to which all members must adhere.

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.. I accept that if I contravene any of these rules the penalties set down below may be imposed by a Webmaster.

.. I agree to participate responsibly with appropriate respect to other members, their opinions and beliefs

.. I accept that I am personally responsible for my postings.
.. I agree that I will not libel, slander or defame any person or entity with offensive, arrogant, abusive, sexist, or racist content.
.. I will not use combative, aggressive or demeaning language.
.. I accept the right of others to express opinions to which I am completely opposed.
.. I agree that no one is entitled to attack others for having a different opinion
.. I will not use the Forum or photograph Comments with the sole intention of irritating others.
.. I will not delete a comment in a Forum Topic and thereby disrupt the Topic and possibly make a nonsense of the thread.

.. I agree that I will not re-submit a deleted photograph unless it has been amended in accordance with the Site Standards and/or an Admin request

.. I agree that I will not hold more than one account and will have only have one username.
.. I agree that I will not make a first Comment to one of my photos. I will use the Description for varied or additional data.

.. I am aware that I can use email or a Personal Message to another member in cases of strong disagreement

.. I accept that adverse comments directed at individual members, or the Shipspotting management team, or comments attempting to derail a thread, will result in their removal from the site.

.. I accept that deceptive appearances of free speech cannot be permitted if that may damage the reputation of individuals, or the site.

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If any of the above rules are broken by a member there is the possibility of a suspension of membership for a period ranging from seven to thirty days.

For a second breach a total membership ban may be imposed
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