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1. Category

Use this category only for lifeboats carried by ships and for passenger tenders carried by cruise ships, whether onboard or not at the time.

Shore-based lifeboats should be included in the “Rescue Vessels” category
Passenger tenders not carried by cruise ships should be included in “Passenger ships” or "Harbour & tour boats/restaurant vessels" as appropriate

Special restriction: a member may not load more than one image of a lifeboat or tender of the same type on the same ship (previous images may of course be replaced).
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2. Required

The title box should contain only the parent ship’s name (plus any variation for that ship\'s main category, eg pennant number). Special additions such as “Lifeboat No.3” should NOT be made.

The IMO number box should contain the number of the parent ship, and other ID boxes should be completed if relevant

In the Description field please add any information known about the lifeboat or tender
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