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1. Category

The category is only for ships which are under repair or conversion. They can be at a specialised facility (e.g. drydock, floating dock, synchrolift, patent slip, marine railway) on a shore site intended for the purpose, alongside a suitable berth, or undergoing significant work afloat.

Photos of vessels conducting minor repairs, routine maintenance or laid up afloat, or not at a repair facility (e.g. on a river bank/beach or at a cargo berth) should be uploaded to the appropriate ship category, following the relevant general and category site standards Vessels which do not qualify for inclusion in the ship-type categories (e.g. because they are small leisure craft) must not be uploaded. Photos showing ship damage but not yet under repair should be included in the Causalities category

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2. Required

In preparation, all fields should be completed in accordance with the general uploading guidance as modified by individual ship category requirements,

Members are encouraged to add other relevant information, such as the name of the repair facility and links, or the purpose or reason for the repair or conversion. Google searches may help.

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3. Research

To establish whether or not a current vessel has an IMO, and to note other details about the vessel, see:-


Both are of useful reference sources with which to be registered.
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4. Site
Standards for this category

Exemption from to the full ship standard will apply if the photo shows parts of a ship not normally seen, for example propellers/bow thrusters, bulbous bows or rudders.

Detailed photos of sections/parts of a ship under repair are acceptable provided they illustrate the repair/conversion work being carried out. They must be clear photographs of a subject - distant shots are not accepted.

Photos of a ship with the view partially obstructed by dock gates and/or shipyard equipment will be accepted, if a significant part of the ship is visible. Ships which are fully shrouded or with only small parts visible will not be accepted.
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